Parents Catch Adorable Twins Devouring Chocolate Box

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Rumble We’re pretty sure that if cocoa beans grew in Ancient Greece, chocolate would have been the food of the gods, and hot cocoa the prefered drink. Ambrosia would have been out of the picture for sure. The rich flavor of cocoa can soothe your soul, increase the magnesium levels in your body, calm a crying baby, prevent world conflicts and keep us in a state of all around bliss. It’s that good. So, it comes as no surprise that the little tots in this footage decided to sample a little bit of this heaven.

Twins have been caught red handed devouring a huge box of charity chocolates their parents left on a table. Footage shot by mom Mary Beth Barrows, from Pensacola, Florida, shows her adorable kids Micah and Titus surrounded by half opened chocolate bars.

The pair had spotted the box full of dark chocolate lying idle on a coffee table, before dragging it off to another room and tucking into the tasty treats. After discovering the missing chocolate, Mary Beth, husband Josh and the twins’ aunt Katharine Duffield, found the duo with chocolate smeared around their faces and the leftover wrappers. In the video, Dad Josh can be heard saying: “Did daddy say you can have the chocolate”, before one of the twins replies, “I’ll clean up!” innocently.

Can you really blame them? You know you would have done the same thing! Do you have any similar situations you would like to share with us? Please do so in the comments down below!


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