4 years ago

This Gentle Labrador Proves Dogs Can Be Amazing Babysitters

Dogs are the best kind of friends, and it seems that they share a special bond with little kids. Almost like they will do just about anything for a child. This undeniably makes them the world’s best babysitters. If this doesn’t sound convincing then the video is a real proof of that. We proudly announce that the award for best babysitter goes to this amazing lab named Mountain!

Mountain loves his baby friend. He likes to be around the youngest member of the family and feels an indescribable responsibility to protect it. He is a loyal dog that spends most of his time happy to be able to look after this baby. His friendly face says it all because sometimes a picture is worth thousand words. One look from his eyes and we can see a true spark of love and commitment.

Though Mountain is a very active dog and full of energy, he is at his happiest when engaged in family activities. Babysitting is one of them. In order to show how much he cares for his little friend, he licks his ears and head and puts his face next to the adorable baby. His movements are so gentle and educated that we are left with our mouths open. Mountain is extremely patient with the baby showing natural enthusiasm for babysitting.

If you still can’t decide what dog breed will make the best of friend, then we can assure you that Labs are an excellent choice for first time dog owners. Their cheerful, eager-to-please personalities don’t just make them easy to manage around strangers or unfamiliar environments, but within the home too.

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