Tiny Bunny Playing Tag With A Large Dog

NewsflarePublished: April 10, 2018
Published: April 10, 2018

Dogs are incredible animals.They usually get along with your other pets and seeing them play together is so heartwarming. Especially if your other pet is a tiny bunny. Watch this cute video of a tiny bunny playing tag with a very larger puppy friend. Cuteness overload!

A tiny bunny named Handsome played a game of tag with a much larger dog called Tyson. Tyson is an 8-month-old dog. In the video, the bunny can be seen chasing the dog in a circle, which causes the filmer to laugh. The owner of Tyson said: ’’I am bunny sitting for my fiancée's stepmom who’s dog is extremely sick so they asked me to watch the bunny for about a month to see if maybe the dog is allergic to the bunny.’’

“I’ve put a lot of dedication into Tyson’s training, so I saw no problem in letting him play with Handsome. After the first time they played Handsome now gets an hour a day to run around with Tyson!”. He said that they don’t always act this crazy, but sometimes the bunny hops along into the dog’s bed to get some cuddling.

We’ll have to admit that it is a bit hard not to feel a little worried about the smaller of the friendly duo, who seems a little too unfettered by the enormous size of his pal.

Watch this adorable video of a bold rabbit playing along with a huge dog. They seem like they are having the time of their lives! Everyone would wish for a friendship like this!

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