Woman Worker Packing Bearings With Amazing Speed

NewsflarePublished: April 10, 201816 views
Published: April 10, 2018

Working in a factory can be all the same since it is a production of a certain product and that way of manufacturing is rarely changed. For the workers who are presumed to pack the goods and make them ready for sale, it is again the same repetitive work.But sometimes that work can make you so fast and effective, that even your boss will be surprised. Such as the woman in this video who is probably the fastest bearings packer in the factory she works in. Take a look!

The Chinese worker in the footages shows off her fast hands when packing a bag of 10 metal bearings at a factory in eastern China. She gathers 10 bearings on a chopstick and rolls them on a plastic film. The video is filmed in a factory at Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province on March 19.
The woman has truly developed some good multi-tasking skills. Her fast speed got a second set of rings together, while she was sealing the packaging. As soon as she put the rings in the box, another set of rings was ready for packaging. Amazing isn’t it?

Web users from around the globe were amazed by her skills and fast hands. They have commented below the video saying:
"This is the real “practice makes perfect”! said "chuanchangshiwo".
"How did she do it? Left and right hands on different things!" commented "xiaolouxi".

The nimble-fingered Chinese worker has become an Internet sensation as people were pretty much amazed by her agility and sharpness when packaging bearings.


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