These High School Sweethearts Marry By The Lockers Where They Met

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: April 10, 2018
Published: April 10, 2018

Most of us can vividly remember our first love, but only a few can say it turned out like this.

In 1989, two high school freshmen fell in love by their lockers. There was talk of school work and gossip, but mostly flirting. Their lockers were directly across from each other. The young love-stricken teenager called his sweetheart from the phone in his grandmother’s bedroom on New Year’s Day, 1990, and asked her to be his girlfriend. The stuff of teenage romantic movies!

Almost three decades later, they are meeting by those same lockers, with the same flutter in their hearts that they felt when they were teens where they met twenty-nine years ago.

Chris Gash and Jenn Sudol dated on and off during high school. As they grew older, they went their separate ways. But every few years, without fail, their paths would cross again. And every few years, without fail, that spark was still there. In 2016, each of them realized something life-changing: their one true love was someone they already knew. Together, they decided that first high school romance was worth trying again. And not long after reuniting, they knew they wanted to be married. And what more fitting place to exchange vows then next to the lockers where it all began.

The wedding ceremony was small with just the closest members of the family and was performed by the Mayor of Clifton, who came out of retirement for this ceremony only, after retiring from wedding officiating a few years ago.

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