Dopey Shopper Shatters Glass Door By Running Into It

NewsflarePublished: April 10, 2018
Published: April 10, 2018

From coffee tables and skyscrapers to house windows and car windshields, we are surrounded by glass. It is a terrific and highly useful material – transparent, reflective and reasonably strong.

You have surely seen movie scenes where automobiles blow up or get smashed against something. During any such scene the glass breaks up into very tiny, granular pieces. Well, in this video the only thing that cannot be really protected is exactly this glass door. The CCTV video, captured in Lu'an City in Anhui Province on April 1, shows a man jumping down a flight of stairs in a happy motion and in all of that hurry he runs through the glass door crashing it at an underground mall in China. The door then jerks open and shatters into pieces.

Does this eager shopper fail to notice the door because it has been ‘wiped too clean’? Or was this his first time in the mall? However, it looks hilarious the way the man bolts down the steps towards the entrance. The poor shopper does not slow down as he slams his face right into the glass door and to his astonishment, the door swings open with force and shatters moments later.

Although the man hits the door with an almighty thud, luckily he doesn’t appear to suffer any serious injuries although he is left rubbing his head. It is understood that the man may need to compensate the shopping centre for the glass door, but social media users suggested it should be the other way around.The case was being investigated.

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