Drunks Beat Screaming Woman For Walking With Man

CENPublished: April 10, 201811 views
Published: April 10, 2018

Sickening smartphone footage of a mob of drunken morality vigilantes beating a screaming woman for walking in public with a man has shocked women's rights groups.

The footage shows the men surrounding the terrified woman in Golapara, in Assam State, in north-eastern India, as they repeatedly punch, kick and slap her, and pull her hair.

As she cries out in pain one attacker appears to kick her in the groin and another pulls her around by her hair as she tries to phone for help.

Others use their fists and feet in the sustained attack which leaves the 22-year-old helpless woman clutching her face and sobbing in agony.

The attack began when the woman - a member of the local Garo community - was stopped for walking with a Muslim man.

While some of the mob attacked her, others surrounded the man punching and kicking him until he cowered on the ground in fear.

Local police say they believe the pair were attacked because they mob thought they were in a relationship.

Officials say 12 men have been arrested on allegations of illegal moral policing.

Regional police chief Amitabha Sinha told local media: "We have registered a case. Twelve persons have been detained and we are trying to zero in on the main accused."

Sinha said the woman was engaged to be married and she was going to a medical centre with the man when the drunks spotted her.

The attackers then challenged the pair over her appearance in public with another man.

Now the attack has shocked tens of thousands of social media users and infuriated women's rights groups.

Activist Jaynie Sangma said: "See the gruesome way she was beaten. It is clear from the video that people were slapping her, kicking her in full public view and no one came forward to her."

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