Shocking Carjack Video Causes Outrage

CENPublished: April 10, 2018
Published: April 10, 2018

The shockingly blatant carjacking of a driver while he sits in his vehicle has provoked social media outrage after CCTV footage of the snatch were made public.

Police and justice officials still have no information of what has happened to the driver, kidnapped in a district of the Mexican capital Mexico City.

In the footage, one of the kidnappers is seen walking in the street towards the car with one hand in his pocket, believed to be holding a gun.

As he jumps at the driver's seat his hand comes out of his hoodie pocket and is held against the window, apparently forcing the driver to open up.

Then as he moves the driver to the front passenger seat he is seen being joined in the by two accomplices before the car speeds away.

But the sheer casualness of the snatch - which took place right under a street light - has angered Mexicans.

Justice officials seemed to be completely unaware of the kidnapping when local media asked the city's Public Security Secretary for a comment.

But the snatch provoked fury on Twitter where it was shared by many hundreds of users.

One - named as 'jorgecasasg’ - tweeted: "We want security increased, we are fed up, it is necessary to reduce insecurity."

Another - identified as 'Dcyon’ - added: "Citizens of Mexico are f*cking fed up of violence and insecurity."

And a third - 'angeliniela’ - tweeted: "Violence and insecurity are the result of corruption that will continue if you vote for those who are doing it."

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