4 Hurt As Ambulance Overturns In Collision With Car

CENPublished: April 10, 2018
Published: April 10, 2018

A patient, two paramedics and the driver of an ambulance have been injured after the emergency vehicle which had its blue light flashing overturned when it was hit by a speeding car.

CCTV camera footage shows the ambulance crossing a major junction in the Russian capital city of Moscow when a Subaru Forester SUV smashed into it from the side.

The ambulance overturned and ploughed into a lamp post before bouncing back onto the road where it lay spinning on its side.

Four people inside the emergency vehicle - a patient, two paramedics and the driver - required hospital treatment for injuries suffered in the accident.

One female paramedic, who had been sitting in the passenger seat, broke both of her legs after flying through vehicle's window.

Other motorists who witnessed the incident jumped out of their cars and ran to physically lift the ambulance back onto its wheels.

Another ambulance then raced to the scene to take the injured people to hospital.

The Subaru ended up on the grass verge with smoke pouring from under its bonnet. There were two people in the car but neither were badly hurt.

Police have launched an investigation into the accident and the footage of the crash is proving popular after it was shared on social media.

Netizen ‘klipsa’ said: "The flying driver in the Subaru will now have to take care of the ambulance and it is very expensive", while 'Dynya’ added: "At least everybody is alive."

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