3D Printer Builds 44,000-GBP-Houses In 15 Hours

CENPublished: April 10, 2018
Published: April 10, 2018

This is the incredible 3D printer that can build a home that costs less than 44,000 GBP from scratch in under 15 hours.

The amazing machine can build bungalows that are 24 square metres (258 square feet) and its creators claim the 3D printer will reduce building costs by up to 35 percent.

Boffins from the Spanish start-up Be More 3D teamed up with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain to create the printer.

In the video, the extraordinary machine can be seen laying concrete as it builds the wall of a house.

Co-founder of Be More 3D, Vicente Ramirez, told reporters: "This process allows us to reduce the costs of the building of houses by up to 35%, saving time and minimising the pollution and labour risks that are caused by building."

Ramires also revealed his team are working to increase the size of the houses they are creating and claimed the printer has the capability to work even faster.

He said: "It (building a house) can be done in eight hours by turning up the speed of the machine."

The 3D printer will be used to build seven chalets, complete with living-dining room, bathroom and bedroom in the city of Cuenca, in the province of Castille-Mancha in Spain, and Be More 3D expect to have orders from South America and the Far East next year.

The houses the machine builds are not fully complete and Ramirez explained: "After, we have to put on the roof with pre-made panels, and put in the windows, doors,taps and waterproofing."

The price of each complete house will be around 50,000 EUR (43,592 GBP).

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