Teen Schoolgirl Bullies Force Love Rival To Lick Shoes

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Published: April 10, 2018

This is the shocking moment a gang of cruel teenage schoolgirl bullies force another girl to lick their boots clean.

An onlooker with a smartphone filmed the callous gang picking on the girl in the town of Volsk in south-western Russia's Saratov Oblast region.

Their victim's crime had reportedly been to send a text message to the boyfriend of one of the bullies.

The footage begins with the girl down on her hands and knees in the snow where she is being forced to lick snow off one girl's shoe.

At one point the girl, kicks the victim in the face. She is then forced to hold her hands behind her back to make the task even harder.

After she has licked snow from both of the girl's boots, she is made to get to work on the boots of her friend.

Police have now launched an investigation after the video was share on social media.

All of the girls in the clip are believed to be 15 or 16 years old.

The bullies could face up to 15 days in custody, 120 hours of community service of a 30,000-RUB (355-GBP) fine if they are identified and convicted.

Netizen ‘Lyudmila Chikacheva’ commented: "All the guilty ones should be caught and put in jail"

'Ludmila ivanova’ said: "Why so much cruelty!?! They should be punished", while 'Taras Bulba’ added: "Such kids are your future."

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