This Is The Amazing Moment A Baby Impala Makes Its First Steps

CatersTVPublished: April 10, 201811 views
Published: April 10, 2018

Baby antelopes prove that, unlike us cuddled and carried humans, four-legged mammals are superior when it comes to motor skills. This newborn stands and takes his first steps literally minutes after his birth and he will have the strength to run with the heard within a matter of days.

This en-deer-ing footage of a baby impala taking his very first steps will melt your heart. This impala fawn is learning to walk with a little nudge from mom. She keeps him hidden from predators until he gets the hang of it.

The adorable moment the new-born baby took his tentative first steps on wobbly legs was just like the moment Bambi walks for the first time – and the whole thing was caught on camera. His mom is very caring and gentle. She cleans his body and stops to listen carefully if predators are coming. She is always making sure that her baby is secure by her side and he will learn to walk properly on his own. In this way, mommy will know that he is ready for the merciless living in the wild. The impala is active mainly during the day, and he may be gregarious or territorial depending upon the climate and geography.

As the proud new mum showers her baby with kisses she nudges him into a standing position – and after a shaky start and a few unsteady failed attempts, the cute impala soon finds his feet.

The heart-warming video was captured by photographer Brendan Cole, from Johannesburg, South Africa, at the Mala Mala game reserve where he used to work as a ranger.

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