Cow rescued after falling down drain

Newsflare Published April 10, 2018 9 Plays

Rumble This was the moment a 10-month-old cow was rescued from a drain after she went missing for two days.

The calf disappeared from her home in Chonburi, Thailand, on April 6.

A fisherman heard noises coming from the concrete hole in the ground and found the cow, named Apple, at the bottom in shallow water.

Rescuers arrived with a crane and winched Apple to safety on Sunday afternoon.

Nattawat Phayamphan, 42, who found the calf in the drain, said: ''I was fishing by the pond and went to the area near the drain to use the toilet.

''I could hear noises from the drain so I checked and saw the cow, she looked tired and scared.''

Apple was returned to her relieved owner who thanked rescue staff for saving his animal's life.