Gamers Love Playing These Awfully Bad Games That Are Actually Amazing

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Published: April 9, 2018Updated: April 10, 2018

It’s a phrase often used with movies; “so bad it’s good.” But does that really apply to games? These games - while fundamentally bad - still managed to keep gamers entertained with the sheer awfulness they embodied. Here are some of the games that are so laughably bad they’re good.

Deadly Premonition. Sure, there are a number of interesting ideas buried in Deadly Premonition but there are a lot of problems, too. Deadly Premonition's graphics look like they belong on a system about a decade older. The dialogue makes sense … barely. The plot makes no sense at all. The voice acting is terrible, and the combat, controls, and navigation make finishing Deadly Premonition an absolute chore. Despote the game’s many flaws - or maybe because of them- the game has amassed a cult following.

Harvester. It's a point-and-click adventure featuring digitised characters in which you explore a strange small town called Harvest in search of your girlfriend. There is almost no sense of direction to the game, the combat is shoddy, and the puzzles inscrutable. And yet, each scene you enter is captivatingly insane, as you talk to the town's strange denizens - including local cultists, a super-gay fire department, an army general with no legs, Nothing is quite right in the town, and the weirdness of it all is punctuated by wacky and sometimes disturbing FMV cutscenes.

Check out the video and ask yourself which games were so bad for you that you ended up loving them?

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