Extraordinary Border Collie Walks Entire South African Coastline

StoryfulPublished: April 6, 2018
Published: April 6, 2018

An extraordinary border collie named Zeta walked 3400km along the entire South African coastline with her owner Erlo Brown. Like most border collies, Zeta was an extremely loyal dog; however, she was also one-of-a-kind. At only seven months old, she embarked on a costal adventure that would take her and Erlo ten months to complete. On the journey, she protected him from rhinos, helped another fellow dog, and was the ultimate companion to Erlo. Sadly, Zeta has since passed away and this video is a tribute to her life. “She lived a short but wonderful life. She had human-like attributes that made her widely known and loved by everyone in the community. This video is a collection of photos and videos that I put together after her death to pay tribute to this wonderful dog,” explained Erlo when speaking to Storyful. Credit: Erlo Brown via Storyful

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