Visiting Vinpearl Safari in Phu Quoc

sctech1080 Published April 5, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Located in Long Beach area, northwest of the of Phu Quoc island, Vinpearl Safari and conservation park is the first and only open zoo in Vietnam that was built according to international Safari model.

Open Zoo nurtures and conserves rare native species and many species of wild animals from featured biogeographic regions in the world such as South Africa, Europe, India, Australia …Engineered modernly, home of the Vinpearl Safari’s residents portraits a semi-open design with a surrounding moat, creating a naturally harmonious habitat and enabling the most authentic and lively view to the visitors.

Walking along the small bending roads full of trees on the side, visitors will turn to discover the Primate World with the presence of Silver Langur, Pile Gibbon , Macaque, Lemur, etc; the Asian elephants cuising down the stream; the Ungulates area with the typical representatives such as Arabian Antelope, Pronghorn, Black Antelope, Gaur, etc.; or admire the majestic beauty of the white Bengal Tiger, African Lion, etc; the naughtiness of the One-hump Camel, Striped Hyena or the laziness of the Bear species, etc. In addition, the Bird park with three distinct themed gardens namely Peacock, Stork, and Blackbird, combined with Flamingo lake, will take visitors back to mother nature, immersing themselves in the dynamic lives of the animals in a peaceful forest.