Kate Middleton Just Went Grocery Shopping And Acted Like It Was Totally Normal

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Published: April 5, 2018

Imagine going to your local grocery store to pick up a carton of eggs and milk for your breakfast, then you turn the aisle and you spot a member of the Royal family, casually going about her business. That is exactly what happened to shoppers at Waitrose a grocery store in the UK, when they spotted the Duchess of Cambridge in the fruit aisle.

Kate Middleton might be one very busy woman, being a Duchess, helping her future sister-in-law plan her wedding and prepare for the upcoming birth of her third child. But we can’t seem to see her kicking her feet up, while her assistants run her errands. Apparently, it is not the Middleton way. Shoppers at Waitrose have spotted the Duchess picking up fresh fruits and veggies.

Of course, she wasn’t dressed in sweatpants. Kate was all glammed up in black booties, black pants and one of her favorite Joseph coats. Still, she was very civil and kind to others in the store, offering kind “hello’s” to everyone who greeted the future Queen. Kate then used the self-checkout aisle to bag and pay for her goods, then went to her Range Rover with her security guard in tow and drove off.

Shoppers have commented how seeing her do such mundane things was such a surreal experience. Knowing that Kate is on maternity leave from her official duties, we might actually see her do more of these “mundane things”. Though she may not have plenty of time to relax, since she will be back on official duty on May 19 to see her brother-in-law Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle.

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