Barcelona Hotel Guests Evacuated In Rooftop Fire

CENPublished: April 5, 2018
Published: April 5, 2018

An area of Barcelona’s city centre was blanketed by thick black smoke when a hotel's rooftop air conditioning system caught fire and guests had to be evacuated.

The blaze happened at the Expo Hotel Barcelona situated near the city’s Sants railway station in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia.

According to official sources, the fire was caused by an electrical fault in one of the air conditioning units.

Several fire brigades were sent to the hotel to tackle the spreading fire, which was under control after about 45 minutes.

The inferno released columns of thick smoke into the air, which covered nearby streets in a black mist.

Local residents filmed the flaming hotel with their phones and footage was quickly released to social media.

Several scenes were recorded from ground level and elevated positions in adjacent apartment blocks, and captured the moment the emergency services arrived with sirens blaring.

Nobody was injured during the incident and the hotel was not affected by structural damage, according to reports.

Firefighter chief Ramon Soler said that one fireman suffered minor injuries to his hand while tackling the blaze, but otherwise the fire was relatively easy to contain.

He said that several cooling towers were destroyed and that the black smoke was caused by the system’s plastic coverings.

Soler also stated that at least 70 people phoned the emergency services when the fire first broke out.

The hotel management released a statement thanking firefighters for their prompt action and stating that emergency protocols were carried out with no further problems.

All hotel guests were back in their rooms within two hours of the fire starting.

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