Woman Narrowly Avoids Being Hit By Crashing Trucks

CENPublished: April 5, 2018
Published: April 5, 2018

A pedestrian at the centre of a high-speed road crash astonished officials by escaping without a scratch when one truck hit another at speed and almost toppled it onto her.

The woman - not named by local media in Santa Cruz de las Sierras, eastern Bolivia - had been window shopping as she walked along the pavement.

But astonishing CCTV footage shows how she missed being mangled in the two car pile up by barely a few inches.

The woman is seen walking between a shopfront and a Nissan pick up truck with her head turned from the road as the Lexus hurtles around the corner.

As the Lexus slams into the truck, the Nissan's rear end swings around just missing the woman.

The footage shows she seemed so absorbed in her window shopping that she did not even notice the crash until the truck was hurtling towards her.

But she hops nimbly to the side, stepping around the vehicle as it swings towards her.

Then she is seen apparently rooted to the spot in shock as the Lexus overturns onto its side.

One watcher - named as 'Jose Luis del Puerto’ - said: "Saved by the truck while she was looking at the shop".

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