Anger As Drone Used To Carry Cross During Church Service

CENPublished: April 5, 2018
Published: April 5, 2018

A church has been accused of sacrilege a drone was used to carry the Holy Cross during a service in this footage that is going viral on social media.

Religious leaders at the Sao Geraldo Magela church - in Sorocaba, southern Brazil - faced furious criticism after the stunt emerged on social media.

Many accused the church of profanity after the footage was viewed more than 500,000 time on social media.

The video footage shows an Easter Sunday service when the doors of the church open and a drone carrying the cross towards the altar.

At one point it seems too heavy for the drone and an assistant has to help it gain altitude.

Then - as a the drone wobbles unsteadily above them - the choir celebrates with Handel's Messiah's 'Hallelujah Chorus'.

Finally the cross comes down to earth where the priest grabs it and places at the centre of the altar.

But although the stunt seemed to be given a rapturous welcome by the congregation, social media users have been more Old Testament.

One netizen said: "It is an insult and offensive to what is holy."

Another added: "They look as if they are having fun! When it is sacred and should be treated with respect and solemnity."

One user - named as 'Giuseppe Sansone’ - said: "I would like to know what Pope Francis thinks about this idiot thing."

And another social media commentator - 'Diana Piedra’ - added: "What a shame, pity, pain... our Lord is not to be played with.

"This priest can enjoy the applause and laugh but when he arrives at God's throne he will see what he earned with that profanity."

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