German Tourist Breaks Into Flat And Attacks Couple

CENPublished: April 5, 2018
Published: April 5, 2018

This is the shocking moment a drunken German tourist bursts into a married couple's exclusive high-rise apartment and attacks them.

The incident was caught on a security camera in the flat near the top of the new BD Bacata skyscraper in the centre of the Colombian capital city of Bogota.

The footage shows a man, named by cops as Frank Reimschneider, 49, force his way into the apartment of US citizen Winston Waikiki, 38, and his Colombian wife Erika, 21.

The thickset intruder attacks the couple, repeatedly hitting and shoving them, as they try to push him, and a woman with him, back out of the flat.

Mrs Waikiki said she and her husband had been cooking dinner when the man, who stank of alcohol, broke into their home and attacked them while shouting at them in German.

She said: "We did not understand him as he was screaming in German, we did not know what he wanted.

"He was accompanied by a woman who locked the door so we couldn't shout for help, we tried to ask for help repeatedly to security guards, but every time we tried it, the man kept on beating us."

Her husband added: "He dragged me by the neck and started to kick me in the chest and he also hit my wife repeatedly in the head.

"This was the scariest moment in my life and we’ve never had anything like this happen, especially in a building we presumed was nice and safe."

Mr Waikiki, an IT consultant, had installed a personal surveillance camera in the flat and added: "I’m very lucky to have the security camera. I was able to capture everything."

Eventually, the couple managed to shove the man outside their apartment and he was grabbed by the security guards and handed over to police.

Mr and Mrs Waikiki, who have lived in BD Bacata for about one year, received medical treatment for the injuries they sustained in the attack.

Police named the German tourist as Frank Reimschneider and the woman with him as Angelica Acuna Urbina.

Local media reported that they were staying at another apartment in the building which they had booked through AirBnB.

AirBnB has launched an investigation but a spokesman said: "The individual involved in this situation – Frank Reimschneider – was not an Airbnb guest when this incident occurred."

Netizen 'Marian Pyszko' commented: "Very strange. At least no one got seriously hurt and video captured the event."

BD Bacata is the tallest building in Colombia, at 240 metres (790 feet) tall, and the fourth tallest in South America. It includes offices, shops, apartments and a 364-room hotel.

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