Delivery Man With No Licence Racks Up 924 Traffic Fines

CENPublished: April 5, 2018
Published: April 5, 2018

A fast-food delivery man eager for good reviews has left cops stunned after racking up almost a thousand traffic fines in just six months.

The scooter-riding deliverer surnamed Hu, who worked for food delivery giant Meituan, began running red lights and ignoring traffic signals in September last year, resulting in no less than 924 offences to date.

His impressive accumulation of unpaid fines was uncovered this week when police in Maoming City in South China’s Guangdong Province stopped him for running a red light.

Besides the 924 traffic infringements, they were also shocked to learn he did not have a driving licence - and his record for ignored red lights stands at 18 times in just one day.

Hu was immediately arrested and his scooter seized, after which he was fined 1,000 RMB (112 GBP) and jailed for 15 days.

The fine he ended up paying was at least 100 times less than the tickets he racked up in the past half a year, but there may be further consequences for his former employers at Meituan, whose representatives have been summoned by the authorities for questioning.

Police have suggested that Hu was eager to deliver his clients’ food on time in order to secure good reviews and ratings to ensure he did not lose his job.

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