Reckless Woman Plays With Phone Riding On Taxi Bonnet

CENPublished: April 5, 2018
Published: April 5, 2018

A woman was incredibly filmed playing with her phone as she reclined on the bonnet of a moving taxi that reportedly crashed soon after.

Another motorist filmed the bizarre scene in Thai capital Bangkok.

Moving through busy traffic, the woman seems relaxed and is checking social media or playing a game on her phone as she lies on the bonnet of the yellow cab.

The clip was posted by social media user ‘T.J. Kzet Atchanont’, who said he had witnessed the events leading up to the unusual taxi ride.

He said the woman had been following the cab on a motorbike and had dismounted and tried to get into the taxi when traffic forced it to stop.

As he already had a fare inside, the taxi driver kept his doors locked.

Atchanont says the unnamed woman hit the windscreen in frustration before climbing aboard.

He wrote: "After the light turned green, the taxi just drove off while the woman was still lying on it. It was so exciting. Not sure what’s gonna happen next."

He later added to local media: "I think she was following the taxi because she tried to open the doors and told people in the taxi to get out. I thought the driver was going to stop the car, but he just kept driving.

"She was casually playing with her phone."

He said the cab disappeared from his view but that he discovered it had been in a collision with another car soon afterwards.

But the bizarre passenger was apparently uninjured as Atchanont said: "I didn’t know the details of the accident, but it looks like another car was cutting in front of a taxi. One thing for sure, that woman was still there, standing on the roadside."

Local media reported that it was unclear why the woman was so desperate to get into that particular taxi.

It was not reported whether police had been alerted to the crash or why the unnamed cabbie kept driving with someone on his bonnet.

It was not clear whether anyone else was injured in the crash.

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