Young Kids Smash Huge Glass Doors While Playing

CENPublished: April 5, 2018
Published: April 5, 2018

This is the moment three small children smash a huge pair of sliding glass doors at the entrance to a residential building.

The incident was caught on CCTV security cameras inside the building in the city of Suining in south-western China’s Sichuan Province.

The footage begins with two boys and a girl, who all look only around eight years old, playing by the sliding doors.

One of the boys and the girl are seen trying to push the automatic door shut with their hands while the other boy stands and watches.

After a few seconds, the second boy rushes over to help them - just as one of the huge doors suddenly shatters into pieces.

The children immediately turn tail and run off as a metal panel from the broken door falls and smashes the second door.

Hundreds of sharp pieces of broken glass came flying down onto the floor of the foyer of the building in the accident but fortunately none of the children was hurt.

However, the youngsters are likely to be in trouble with their parents who later contacted the management company of the building to offer to pay for the damage.

A spokesman for the company commented: "When someone passes the door, it opens and closes automatically. The kids pushed the door by force and made it break."

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