Three Papuan separatists killed in skirmish with Indonesian police

NewsflarePublished: April 5, 2018
Published: April 5, 2018

Three Indonesian separatists were killed after engaging a group of police officers in a firefight in the remote West Papua region.

Footage from the firefight near the city of Timika in West Papua shows special forces from the Indonesian police in a firefight with the separatists believed to be from the Free Papua Movement.

The police can be seen on the edge of a dirt road firing their rifles at an out-of-shot enemy.

The skirmish, which took place on March 19, lasted for about an hour.

Three separatists were killed in the fight while the police sustained no casualties, according to the filmer.

The clash comes as an American mining company expresses safety concerns.

Mining company PT Freeport Indonesia, which specialises in copper extraction, has voiced concern over its operational safety as attacks on Indonesian security forces by separatists intensify.

The separatists have operated in the remote region since it was incorporated into Indonesia in 1969.

Police and military units occasionally engage with the rebels, who operate in the region’s dense jungle.

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