Deaf Boy Spins On Spot As He Hears Father’s Voice For The First Time

Published April 5, 2018 96,935 Views

Hearing impairment is always a serious problem both for the child and for the parents. It is hard to reconcile that this tiny person will be deprived of the opportunity to perceive such a rich and incalculably diverse world of sounds for his or her entire life! It is painful to realize that this impediment can raise an invisible barrier between the child and the surrounding people, which may isolate it from the world. However, this does not mean that the life of this child will be one of loneliness and isolation.

Deaf children are quite ordinary children. They also like to run, play, dance, have fun and play around, experiment with different objects, build, sculpt and paint. But very often they have no one to play with. Parents of hearing children do not encourage their communication with deaf people, and sometimes they also prevent such contacts. Why? Because the untrained, deaf child does not speak. Instead of articulating speech, they produce sounds, sometimes they use gestures and cannot if untrained, lip-read. This means the child is showing behavior very different from the peers with normal hearing, which, make isolate and even shun the child from the community.

Not every child gets to experience life the same way since birth. A lot of babies are born with certain disabilities that threaten to impede their way of life. However, we live in a day and age when technology can help these little humans get a taste of everything life has to offer. What a time to be alive!

This is a heartwarming moment when a deaf boy spins around in shock and bursts into tears as he hears his dad’s voice for the first time in weeks after getting a replacement hearing aid. When nine-year-old Luiz Gustavo da Silva’s surgical hearing implant stopped working in March this year, he was left facing weeks of uncertainty because his family couldn't afford the repair bill of £1,630. The child's plight touched the hearts of scores of residents in his hometown, Bueno Brandão in south-east Brazil, so they helped him.

To show their appreciation, the youngster's dad recorded the moment when he refitted the implement to his anxious son's left ear and switched it on. At first, it seems like the device isn’t working. After his dad makes the necessary attachment, the instant Luiz hears his dad’s voice is priceless. It brings tears to our eyes when we see how he jumps with surprised joy and gives the thumbs up. It is a moment that only reminds us how isolated people are when they have problems hearing.

Luiz Gustavo bursts into tears as his father says: 'There is no need to cry' but starts to cry himself while repeatedly affirming: 'You can hear, you can hear!' After hugging the family friend, the delighted boy waves to the camera and between sobs says: "Thank you, everyone"

The video has eight million views, hundreds of thousands of shares. People are touched by Luiz Gustavo's response which is heartfelt. His reaction reduces everybody to tears as he can’t stop crying with happiness.

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