Dog Synchronizes Its Own Singing With The Tune Of Squeaky Toy

Caters_NewsPublished: April 5, 2018
Published: April 5, 2018

The footage shows an adorable moment when a Samoyed dog is filmed singing a song to the tune of her favorite squeaky toy. Three-year-old Stella is captured mid performance by her owner Jeannie Lee at their home in Toronto. Jeannie said: ‘She only sings to this particular squeak toy. She is normally very shy about it and will stop singing if she notices you watching her’.

Stella loves squeaky toys but not all of them has this particular sonorous sound when being squished over; and not all spots in the living room are tailored for the squealing occasion. First, she has to make sure that this toy is what she needs to start her everyday mini-concert and second, by kicking her, she has to find the most comfortable place for performance.

As soon as her toy is in the middle of the room, Stella takes the perfect position and there she goes howling together with the toy. Her reflexes work well as we can see her squeezing the rubber plaything and singing at the same time, making all the necessary breaks between each howl. Right before each long cry, she trusts her head upwards to show how delighted she is. Stella is taking a real pleasure in being the only opera singer in the room and her cute face can’t hide it.

This lively and happy dog has her own way to entertain her owner. Her sense of humor is most of the time mischievous. She can very bark early and often. Her bark is very high-pitched, which sometimes can be grating to the nerves.

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