Blind Elephant Greeted Lovingly For The First Time By New Herd

Caters_NewsPublished: April 5, 2018798 views
Published: April 5, 2018

Many people don’t realize the struggle of being an elephant in this day and age. Human population outnumbers elephant population and it’s getting harder and harder each day to keep elephants safe from the grabby hands of poachers. If their numbers aren’t dwindling down by the hunters, the cruel treatment in zoos and tourist areas will definitely nail the coffin.

Meet Ploy Thong. This is an elderly female elephant from Thailand. She has had a tough life, but it all changed when she was rescued by the staff at the Save Elephant Foundation. Ploy Thong has been blind for the better part of the last thirty years but that hasn’t stopped people from using her as an attraction. She began by working in a circus, but later ended up carrying people on tours in the Pattaya region in Thailand. Her blindness didn’t affect her ability to move, as she used her trunk to sniff the area around her and be alert to potential dangers.

But all of her suffering has now ended and she is welcome to stay in the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, surrounded by other elephants just like her. For the first time in forever, Ploy Thong can feel a sense of belonging. This heart-warming footage shows us the moment she is welcomed by her new herd. She is sniffing the air around her and receives a bunch of trunk bumps by her new friends. She is going to live a very happy life here if her smile is anything to go by. We just love happy endings like this one!

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