Not Every Dog Wants Walks, Some Prefer Being Dragged On A Leash

NewsflarePublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend and Joel, the author of the video, has definitely made sure his best friend has all the comforts life can offer. Poppy, a terrier mix from Newport, Wales, is one of those lucky dogs enjoying a comfy life inside. Judging from this video, Poppy seems like exactly that one friend that always needs a little more help, that needs a little more attention and loves to be the center of the universe. And she is more than just a friend that you see occasionally or every few days or even every day. Someone has to live with her!

Joel, the owner wants to go out for a short walk with Poppy. Almost all dogs would be exhilarated and jump from joy at the very site of the leash being pulled out of a drawer. You would expect that during a walk walking will be going on. Of course, not everybody walks! Oh, no, not Poppy, she flatly refuses to move a muscle. Some dogs just want to lay on the soft carpet and later star in viral videos. She is just lying there and enjoying herself while poor patient Joel gently “drags” her around the house, in the hope she might have the mercy to gather strength and shake those sweet paws of hers. Couch potato much?

Well, that is life!

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