Priest Kicks Celebrating Student Outside Church

CENPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

A priest has apologised after he booted a student up the backside as she celebrated her graduation outside his church.

Astonished Sofia Conde felt the wrath of God in her rear end as she danced on the church steps despite protests from priest Esteban Alfon.

After asking her and a pal to leave, he was filmed helping her down the steps with a sharp kick to her bottom.

The smartphone footage - filmed in La Plata, in the eastern Argentina province of Buenos Aires - has become a huge social media sensation.

It shows the student and her pal in fancy dress letting off flares as they dance on the church steps to celebrate getting their BA degrees.

A clearly irritated Father Esteban is seen confronting the pair, who apparently ignore him.

As they carry on with their celebration, the priest raises his left leg and kicks Conde in the backside, sending her staggering down a few steps.

The shocked student looks round at the priest who is seen telling the students to move on.

Police are now reportedly investigating the incident, which has been condemned as "unjustifiable " by church archbishop Hector Aguer.

Student Conde told local media: "The priest came out of the church very arrogantly to tell us we could not be there, that it was the house of God."

Father Esteban later apologised for the kick, but claimed he had not meant to hurt the student.

The priest - president of the Argentina Society of Canonical Law - said: "It is not a real kick.

"I pushed her out with my foot, and I kicked. They had a lack of respect for the place."

He claimed it was like shoving a chair "from the place where it is not supposed to be to another place."

Father Esteban also claimed that the girls' fellow students had insulted him repeatedly and that partying students disturb and litter the church.

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