Viral: Hospital Drunk Punches Toddler In Head

CENPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

This viral video with over 2 million views shows the unbelievable moment a man punches a toddler in the head during a drunken hospital visit.

The now jailed 27-year-old, who was identified only by his surname Sun, had to be led away by his friends Zhao and He after landing the right hook on the child's head.

The shocking incident happened at the Fuyang People’s Hospital in Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, where Sun had been brought by his mates following a night of heavy drinking.

Sun, who is a native of neighbouring Jiangxi Province about 450 miles away, can be seen stumbling around a corner where the 21-month-old baby and his dad, surnamed Zhang, are stood.

The toddler appears to look Sun in the eyes as he is being helped by his friend, and the drunk man suddenly swings his right arm and lands the punch on the baby’s face.

His shocked friends then carry him away down the corridor as the video ends.

The dad called the police after the incident and Sun was arrested and then handed a 14-day jail sentence for the drunken assault.

Sun’s friend Zhao said the man had been slurring his words and flailing his arms the whole night after drinking too much.

The boy is understood to have come out of the incident without any serious injuries.

The dad revealed he had been taken to the hospital after getting something stuck in his eye.

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