Woman In G-String Thrown Out Of Airport

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Published: April 4, 2018

A woman was kicked out of an airport after she turned up wearing a G-string with leg warmers and a crop top.

Shocked passengers filmed the strangely dressed woman with their smartphones at Francisco Sarabia International Airport in the city of Torreon in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila.

The woman was wearing a white G-string, black legwarmers, a checked crop top and white trainers as she walked through the airport with her bum on public display.

An army officer spotted her wheeling her suitcase through the airport and escorted her from the premises, with the help of a Red Cross volunteer.

A little boy can be seen staring at the woman in the video footage and then turning to his mother as if asking for an explanation.

Local media reported that the woman was later seen by a psychologist, who said she did not appear to be suffering from any mental health issues.

It was not clear whether she was allowed to board her flight after dressing more appropriately.

The footage was later posted on social media and video-sharing platforms, where it is proving popular with viewers.

Some online commentators said they recognised the woman and that it was not the first time she had appeared in public in similar outfits.

She allegedly previously started to strip off in court offices in the city of Torreon in protest after her car was impounded.

Netizen 'Ceci Cu Chata' said: "The crazy woman, I'm not surprised, every day there are more crazy people walking around. What does surprise me is the mum doing nothing to stop the boy watching her, disgusting..."

And 'Bruno Diaz' added: "Maybe she was going to Acapulco and in order not to waste time she wore that so she only has to arrive and go straight into the sea."

Juan Carlos Padilla Valdivia, the head of the municipal health department, said he would look into the woman's situation but declined to comment further.

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