Mayor Films Himself Pooing Outdoors For Old Times Sake

CENPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

A mayor who the United States government believe has links with drug traffickers has recorded himself defecating in the great outdoors to remember the times when people did not have toilets at home.

Esduin Javier Javier is the mayor of Ipala, in the Guatemalan department of Chiquimula, and posted the bizarre video to social media.

In the video, Javier is recording himself in a white cowboy-style hate squatting on a grassy hill as he takes a number two.

His trousers are around his ankles and he says: "Remembering our old times when we did not have toilets at home.

"We are here in the open air, look at me. Long live the old times when we cleaned ourselves with leaves."

He then adds: "There it goes, it was coming out."

The video was posted to social media, where it has received over 10,000 views in just one day.

One commenter wrote: "What an embarrassment for Ipala. I hope they remove this whipped guy from his post."

The mayor is a controversial figure as both the United States government and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) have claimed that he has links to drug cartels in Guatemala.

Javier has the nicknames ‘Tres Quiebres’ (Three Breaks), which is believed to have come from him surviving three attempts on his life.

Javier owned a construction empire before moving into politics and becoming mayor of the town of Ipala in 2016.

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