Cats Have Ingenious Ways Of Leaving Us Puzzled To What They Can Do

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Published: April 4, 2018

Cats aren't just cute and cuddly - they're also suspiciously smart. Sure, your precious feline may lay around all day and occasionally beg for attention. But don't be fooled, because these sneaky creatures hide their secret tricks from humans. From acting as your alarm clock to opening a window and climbing out of it, cats' abilities will never cease to surprise you.

By far the most impressive of the feats is what seems to be the ultimate way for a cat to show affection. If your cat likes you, he may purr when you pet him, but if he really likes you, he'll leap into your arms from a running jump. Cats are curious, spontaneous creatures with attitude and sass like no other animal. To know them is to love them, and even if you label yourself a cat lover, you still may not know everything about the feline kind.

Okay, so you don't need any more reasons to think cats are just the raddest ever, but maybe you have a coworker or family member who is still a skeptic. So here's a lovely video compilation of quirky cat things - cats doing cute things you probably didn't even know they could do. Did you know they can skateboard? Read Russian literature? Do puzzles? You should always assume cats can do anything, it's safer that way. It may be that our human perceptions of cats are all just a false constructs of our own minds, planted by the felines themselves. They're sneaky devils masked in adorableness, after all, and as diabolical as they are precious.

Cats never fail to surprise us. However, these cats’ skills are on a whole new level. Watch this cat video and convince yourself.

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