Teacher Pulls Off Hilarious Applause Prank On Pupil

CENPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

This viral video with nearly 14 million views shows a teacher pulling off a hilarious classroom applause prank on a sleepy pupil.

The teacher surnamed Sun, 30, was patrolling the classroom full of secondary school pupils during their after-school self-study session when he noticed the sleepy individual dozing on his desk.

CCTV cameras from the Weifang New Epoch School in East China’s Shandong Province then shows Sun silently indicating his plan to his students while positioning himself behind the sleeping boy.

He begins clapping and the entire class of boys and girls follow suit. The applause eventually wakes the boy, who has no idea what is happening and starts clapping as well in a failed attempt to appear to be paying attention.

The clip with 54,700 likes, 6,200 comments and 4,700 shares ends with the entire classroom bursting into laughter at the well-executed prank.

"I would fall asleep exactly the same when I was a pupil," Sun said, adding: "And my teachers would often wake me up in a more simple and aggressive manner."

He said: "I asked my class to do an experiment with me, to see whether he would start clapping with us if we all applauded together - he did."

Unsurprisingly, Sun has an excellent relationship with his class.

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