Messy Pooch Tries To Clean Up After Making Mess

CENPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

The passionate owner of three destructive French bulldogs has shared CCTV footage of one of her pets appearing to clean up after itself using a squeegee.

Chang Hsiao-you, who lives in Taiwan’s western city of Taichung, manages a Facebook page which regularly shows off just how naughty - and bored - her three Frenchies can be at home while she and her husband are away at work.

The homeowner catches her pooches in the act thanks to a ‘nanny-cam’ style CCTV system installed inside the home, which shows fawn French bulldog dad ‘Gua Bao’, the black-coated mum ‘Yu Yuan’ and their fawn daughter ‘Fun Guo’ forever getting up to no good.

Her previous posts showed Fun Guo ripping open packets of anything she could find inside the home, including packets of spices and things from the kitchen dustbin.

She would often also bring her mum into the act, forcing her to leave the comfort of the wooden chair where she and the dad Gua Bao sleep.

However, Chang’s most recent video showed a slightly different side of young Fun Guo, who appeared to attempt something of a clean-up by dragging first a bucket and then a squeegee into the sitting room.

She grabs the tool’s handle and swings it around, clearly having difficult doing the chore and in the end making a bit of a mess too.

"Please let me go to work in peace," Chang wrote, adding: "Stop bringing things into the sitting room!"

The cute clip of Fun Guo has been viewed almost a million times on social media and has helped turn the family of three Frenchies into online canine celebrities.

"Fun Guo is always the one causing mischief," Chang told Asia Wire.

She added: "The mum sometimes joins in, but the dad is always the one sleeping."

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