1000s Of Ducks Cross Road At Zebra Crossing

CENPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

A colossal flock of thousands of ducks stopped traffic when they all decided to cross the road together at a zebra crossing in this viral video.

A motorist filmed the scene as the birds waddled across a road in the Tay Ninh Province of south-western Vietnam.

The video, which has since been seen more than 670,000 times, shows a column of ducks a dozen abreast in places streaming across the highway.

The man filming is happy to watch and chuckle at the scene as the brown ducks continue to flood across the road.

But some more impatient motorbike riders take advantage of small gaps in the flock to zip through and continue their journey.

A man’s voice is heard on the video saying of the ducks: "Look at them, they’re so smart aren’t they? They know just where to cross the street."

Just as one cluster of ducks comes to an end and the drivers seem clear to carry on, another huge group appears and fills the road again.

The traffic coming the other way is seen backed up for quite some distance but no drivers attempt to move until the last duck has passed.

Ducks and most other water birds are sociable and form into groups, except in breeding season.

They can come together in very large groups for migration purposes, though it is not clear whether the ducks in the video were about to migrate.

The species of duck (the anatidae family) in the clip has not been identified.

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