Possessed Pedicab Drives Off During Wash

CENPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

This is the hilarious moment a "possessed" pedicab suddenly escapes its owner while being washed.

Traffic camera footage from a township in China showed the vehicle’s elderly owner stunned for several seconds before recovering and giving chase.

The video viewed over a million times on social media showed the man power-washing the exterior of the pedicab - which is used commonly in rural China as a farmer transport vehicle - using a hose.

However, as he cleans its front wheel, the man appears to trigger something in the three-wheeled pedicab, which suddenly starts and speeds off along the empty road as if it has a life of its own.

The pensioner still holding the hose pipe is stunned into silence for seconds before finally giving chase on foot.

Fortunately, the pedicab stopped after crashing into the roadside a few moments later.

Police in Tianjin in North China confirmed that nobody was injured by the vehicle but did not elaborate on where exactly the incident happened.

Social media user ‘Wing_jianhuazhuanshi’ wrote: "It’s possessed!"

‘Shiguangbimo’ said: "He didn’t remove the keys and probably short-circuited the motor."

‘Ziyouyongzhe’ added: "With self-driving cars just around the corner, they’re all going to be doing that in a few years."

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