Volunteers save rhino on brink of death after being shot by poachers in South Africa

NewsflarePublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

Volunteers helped to bring a rhino back from the brink of death after it was shot by poachers in South Africa.

Video from March 2014 shows how the group of volunteers are called to help a nearby farm after receiving reports of a seriously wounded rhino near Mopani, eastern South Africa.

The group of people aid a wildlife vet to sedate and calm the animal, which is visibly shaking.

The rhino appears to have sustained a bullet wound to its side.

“It became evident the poachers had failed to kill any of the rhinos – this time – but a rhino had been wounded by the poachers’ bullets,” the filmer wrote.

After applying a small amount of anti-biotic and treating the wound, the group moves away from the animal.

“We were all happy to run for our safe haven when this disorientated rhino woke up,” the filmer added.

Rhino poaching in South Africa has increased dramatically over the past decade.

In 2007, just 13 rhinos were killed, signalling the possibility of a permanent decrease in the poaching problem in the country.

But the number of rhinos killed has since exploded, with 1,028 poached last year.

South Africa is home to 93 percent of Africa’s white rhino population and nearly 40 percent of the continent’s black rhinos.

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