Baby Refuses To Say Mama - Insists On Saying Dada!

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Published: April 3, 2018

This is the hilarious moment a baby refuses to say “mama” - instead of siding with his dad and repeating “dada”. The cute kid was filmed by his mum Lauren Hetzel, as she tried to teach him what to call her. But adorable Jack, aged 7-months, simply refuses to play ball. With an almost cheeky smirk, he constantly repeats the word “dada” instead, much to the amusement of his mum. The mom, Lauren, 27, from Savannah, Georgia, can be heard chuckling to herself off camera.

So, moms, you carry babies for nine difficult months, give birth to them and the first word they say is “dada”? Do not despair! Scientists have given a pretty awesome explanation of why almost 99% of babies say “dada” before “mama”.

When babies start to gurgle and coo, proud parents start listening very attentively, awaiting the magical words they wish to hear: their name. And, in this tense waiting, the sounds “dada” win a landslide of percentages. Scientists reveal that babies are not calling specifically for their father or their mother but they are rather listening to the sound of their own voices. Pretty human, right? And they repeat this babble motivated solely by their newly discovered ability to hear their voice, not asking for a cuddle or a kiss from “dada”.

But why “dada” and not “mama”? The words are very short and similar, what may be the difference? Linguistic experts debate that the D’s are palatal sounds and unlike the nasal M’s, they are far easier to pronounce, having in mind now that we are talking about babies who are yet to discover the full performance or their speech apparatus.

But difficult or not, the first person a child identifies is not who people usually think it will be.


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When a baby says its first words, it may bring joy to their parents - but they are actually just talking to themselves.

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