Genius Horse Escapes From Stable

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Rumble A video of an equine escape artist has gone viral. The clip features a handsome, Houdini-like horse named Colby, who cleverly opens the stable door with his teeth, before padding over outside to take some fresh air.

Colby made a great escape from his stable completely unaided. Hilarious video shows the adventurous hungry horse using his mouth and tongue to systematically unlock his stable’s gate and get out into the paddock. Heidi Lawrence, who does not own Colby, caught the cheeky horse red-handed and on camera after people at the stables were stumped as to how he kept getting out and grazing on a large stock pile of hay, at the stables in Apollo, Pennsylvania, USA.

After multiple mystery escapes, Heidi decided to try and film him in the hope he’d unveil his secret. And right on cue, Colby cane seen leaning over his stable’s half door, gripping the sliding locks handle and slowly pulling it open. He then casually trots out into the open paddock. Though Colby’s jailbreak skills may be extraordinary for a horse, experts say that equine intelligence is far sharper than people think. A horse’s cleverness is often underestimated. In reality, horses manage not only ordinary daily cognitive tasks but mental challenges as well.
Colby is not the first animal to wow the Internet with its escaping skills. An orangutan named Fu Manchu stunned zookeepers in the 1960s, when they discovered he knew how to pick locks with a wire pick that he had learned to keep hidden in his mouth.


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