Owners Find Random Dog Riding Their Shetland Pony

AFVPublished: April 3, 201820 views
Published: April 3, 2018

Dogs are amazing companions to people and other animals. They even want to hang out with your livestock on the farm. At night. Can you imagine that? Well, take a look at this amazing footage caught by a man in Missouri of two unlikely friends trotting off into the night!
Callie Schenker, 22, of Halfway, Missouri, posted a video on Facebook after she came back home. Schenker pulled out her phone as she witnessed the odd situation of a dog riding her domestic pony. You read that right, the person shooting the video owns the horse but does not own the dog.

This is too funny, kind of cute and a little creepy. The funny thing is: I wonder who the dog belongs to and I also wonder how the dog got onto the pony's back. The cute thing is: both the pony and the dog seem SUPER comfortable with the weird situation. The creepy thing is that the owners found this all going down in the middle of the night... this looks like a scene from Signs or Paranormal Activity.

Schenker said that she’s seen the Corgi dog riding the pony named Cricket days earlier, but she only managed to take a photo then. She also said that the dog belongs to a couple she doesn’t know well. She recorded a 15-second video of the pony and the dog and the video had received more than 5.3 million views.

Watch this hilarious video of a dog trotting a pony horse in the middle of the night! Simply adorable!

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