Pit Bull Literally Tiptoes Past A Cat Afraid To Make A Move

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLearning about the world from folk tales and cartoons, we have come to the conclusion that cats and dogs are the worst enemies, the wolf and the fox are sly and sneaky, the mouse is a devious creature with an excellent sense of humor, and that justice and goodness always win in the end. Folktales and cartoons, of course, are brimming with poetic justice but also rely on some clichés and prejudice that are overblown. The enmity of cats and dogs is one of the invented facts. Probably, many of you have heard the expression "they live like cats and dogs", which means constant quarrels and misunderstandings. Notice that in almost all fairy tales, cats are very cunning and even two-faced, and dogs are simple-minded and naive and this is why most, but luckily not all people, do not tend o put cats and dogs under the same roof.

But the Internet and the modern days have joined hands together in holy dispelling of old myths about cat and dog enmity. This big Pit Bull is so sweet that he tiptoes past the cat because he’s so afraid to disturb it. His owners can’t believe it neither can we. Why would a big dog like this be afraid of a mere cat? He is slinking past the cat in the most ridiculously exaggerated tiptoe possible. I guess we know who rules the roost in this house - and it’s not the 70-pound softie in this footage!

However, sometimes a mighty dog gets frightened of a fluffy cat - probably because of previous run-ins with their sharp claws. This sweet clip has shown just that fear, as a dog is filmed walking slowly past a cat. As he approaches the hallway where the cat is located, he slows right down, unsure whether to continue. His owner encourages him to keep walking giggling behind the camera. But he can only keep his eyes on the cat and nervously tiptoes past it.

The dog lifts his paws slowly before gently placing them on the wooden floor, conscious not to make a noise that might give the cat a wrong impression of his intent. He stays as close to the stairwell as possible, staring at the cat and getting ready to zoom if it comes to that. This Pit Bull thinks that if he stops entirely, that would make him less visible. He is obviously terrified of being caught. What horrors will come to pass if this cat pounces towards him?

Until the end of the video, we can’t really see whether he has successfully left the cat behind him. Fingers crossed doggo, kitty sure looks terrifying (not!).

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