Tractor Breaks In Half As Its Dragged Out Of River

CENPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

An attempt to pull a tractor out of a river hilariously backfired when the machine just broke in half under the strain.

The operation to get the tractor out of the Pechora River in north-central Russia's Komi Republic was filmed by one of the people taking part.

The front of the tractor is seen sticking up out of the river while the back end has fallen down the bank.

Another heavy vehicle has been hitched to the front of the tractor by a tow rope and as soon as the clip starts, it hauls away.

No sooner does it start than the entire front half of the tractor pings off, to shouts of dismay from the rescue team.

The tractor driver had reportedly been trying to clear a path through the snow when the original accident occurred.

He was not thought to have been injured.

Rescuers reportedly later dragged out the back half of the tractor but it was not clear whether the vehicle was salvageable.

The make and model of the tractor were not reported but some netizens mocked the build quality.

‘Vot’ said: "Look at the quality. Bam...and it gets broken in two."

While ‘gorozhanin’ added drily: "This rope was definitely a high-quality product."

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