BMW Driver On Phone Mows Down Pedestrians

CENPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

This is the horrific moment a BMW driver glued to his phone veers onto the pavement and runs over a group of unsuspecting pedestrians.

The driver surnamed Hu, 35, claimed he had stepped on the wrong pedal, but traffic cameras captured him staring at his mobile device moments before the crash.

Footage from Zhuzhou City in China’s central Hunan Province captured the moment pedestrians tried to flee the pavement, but only one person is able to jump out the way, while the rest are mown down by the black SUV.

Hu’s BMW continued forwards for dozens of feet before crashing into a set of concrete steps, pinning one of his victims under the vehicle in the process.

Emergency services arrived and treated four injured people, one of whom - a 61-year-old woman - was declared dead.

A woman surnamed Xie who survived the accident said: "I tried to run but made about two steps before being hit at high speed.

"I’d see the car coming, but there was no time to run."

The driver also broke his leg in the crash, the police said.

He was cleared of drink-driving and claimed he mistook the accelerator for the brakes, but CCTV cameras caught him using his phone before the crash, which will likely lead to him losing his licence for good.

He will also be asked to compensate all the families over the incident, which is still under investigation.

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