Bungling Driver Crashes Toyota Through Brick Wall

CENPublished: April 3, 201810 views
Published: April 3, 2018

A hapless driver distracted by his mobile phone has crashed his entire car through a brick wall and survived.

The motorist surnamed Cen, who was largely unharmed after destroying his Toyota saloon, could lose his licence after admitting to police he had been using his smartphone.

Grainy CCTV footage shows Cen’s car veering off the road and through a central reservation in Tangxi village in Rui’an City in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province.

He then slams head-on into the boundary wall without stopping, puncturing the structure and stopping inside, images show.

The front end of his Toyota saloon was destroyed, and he left a huge hole in the brick wall too, but he luckily survived the crash and did not require hospital treatment.

Cen told investigators he was distracting by his mobile phone when he forgot to turn and slammed into the wall.

The offence could see him fined and be made to pay for the wall’s repairs. However, he could also have his licence taken away for the stunt.

Fortunately no other cars or pedestrians were involved in the accident, which is still under investigation.

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