Pranked Groom Whipped And Has Salt Poured On Wounds

CENPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

Shocking images on social media show a whipped groom with salt poured into his wounds as part of an over-the-top wedding prank.

The man surnamed Jiang was willing ambushed by a group of his closest friends and family on his big day in Xinning County in Shaoyang City in Central China’s Hunan Province, where the bizarre pre-wedding ritual is customary.

Footage taken by a witness shows Jiang wearing only his pants, while his legs and back are covered in open wounds from having been repeatedly whipped by his mates.

Pictures then show him allowing packets of salt to be poured over the wounds for good measure, making this one of the most violent wedding pranks seen in recent years.

While Jiang and his wife refused to comment on the controversial images, local officials confirmed that the wedding prank had taken place, noting that the groom was left with no hard feelings.

The unnamed official even revealed that Jiang was treated in hospital - and that he returned the favour the very next day during his good friend’s wedding.

A resident surnamed Xiao said of the wedding prank: "It’s a local custom."

"It’s meant to remind the groom that marriage is no simple thing - it’s very difficult and he should cherish married life."

A similar incident was also observed last week in the city of Xiangyang in neighbouring Hubei Province, where a poor groom was tied up and hoisted into the air using an extravator, after which his friends pelted him with eggs.

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