Woman angers plane passengers by laying across premium seats on AirAsia flight

NewsflarePublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

A middle-age woman angered air passengers when she moved to premium seats on a plane - before laying down across the whole row.

Video shows a traveller berating the woman as she sits in the seats on her phone.

She then moves as a cabin crew member attempts to calm the irate flyer.

The flyer had booked standard seats on the Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong on March 27.

But just before take-off she ''upgraded herself'' and moved to a row of priority sears with a red trim - which carry extra charges for having more leg room and often being empty.

Fellow flyer Bruce Lam, who was sitting across the aisle, asked her to move before she kicked up a fuss - and spent ''four or five minutes'' arguing with cabin crew.

Lam said the woman briefly retuned to her own seat before TWICE returning after take-off and trying to sit in the upgraded position again - laying down on her head pillow and playing on her phone.

It was only when another passenger lost his temper and began yelling at the woman that she eventually returned to her booked position for the the rest of the four-hour flight onboard the Airbus A320.

Bruce said: ''We paid extra for our tickets. When the plane took off, a middle-aged woman walked from her standard seat to the empty, premium seats behind me.

''Staff quickly asked the lady to return to her seat and indicated that she could not arbitrarily adjust. The woman said angrily 'why?'.

''She was told there is an extra fee for those areas and it took four to five minutes for the woman to return to her own seat.''

Red hot seats aboard AirAsia flights carry a slight premium, which varies according to the booking platform used.

Bruce said his seats cost around 300HKD (27GBP) more than standard seats.

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