This Baby Has Absolutely Priceless Reaction To Blender Noise

Published April 3, 2018 6,537 Views $92.79 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsSome kids have strong reactions to loud noises. Imagine the sounds you hear every day, and especially loud ones such as alarms, a passing firetruck or ambulance’s sirens, or announcements over a loudspeaker at school, are magnified as if you’re hearing them with a megaphone inches away from your ears. If we as grown-ups react to those kinds of noises imagine how a little kid reacts to those kinds of noises. Sensitivity to noise can trigger stimuli reactions such as fear, anxiety, irritability, and can cause them to be upset, scared, or angry. They get scared of different noises, sometimes they get scared of the vacuum cleaner and sometimes they get scared of things like the 4th of July fireworks.

This amazing little <a href="" target="_blank">baby is scared</a> from their blender. Check out this little baby's reaction when the blender in the kitchen is turned on. Priceless! He is having fun in his cozy little place with his toys peacefully playing when suddenly the <a href="" target="_blank">blender</a> in the kitchen goes on! His face says it all! Adorable little kid!

We guess his momma won’t be making smoothies anytime soon! Well, at least not until this baby learns how tasty are smoothies and then he will be looking for the blender himself. So adorable!

If your kid reacts like this to a blender a vacuum or a hair dryer reassure and comfort your baby. Positive messages that they are ok, you are there and everything is alright do so much to help a child’s sense of security.

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