Deaf Bulldog Makes Funny Noises While Snoring

Caters_News Published April 3, 2018 7 Plays

Rumble Owning a Bulldog is the cutest thing on earth. Having a deaf dog is challenging, yet rewarding. As humans, we are used to commanding dogs verbally, however, things are a lot of difference when your dog is deaf. In the following video, you can see a dog snoring so funny and his owner filming the weird noises he makes!

It’s no secret that most Bulldogs snore out loud. In fact, they can snore so loud enough to keep the entire household awake. Their cute faces, personalities, farts, and snoring are part of their undeniable charm. Having a bulldog in your life is like having a pet with a unique personality. As enjoyable as they can be, this breed comes with some special challenges.

The tired doggo in this footage has had a long day and was captured making bizarre noises whilst taking a nap. This English bulldog, named Lincoln, is unable to hear his own snoring but is keeping his owner, Laura Whittaker, entertained with his noisy chops. She laughed so much when she found her Bulldog snoring away like an old man on the couch!

Laura, the owner said: ‘’He was very tired though as he had been playing in the cow field all day. He has always done it but just the odd “prrrp” here and there.‘’ She also said that he occasionally snores like this after a long day of playing around!

Watch Lincon the deaf snoring Bulldog, caught making some hilarious noises while napping on the couch! So funny!